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Badminton is just not as popular as cricket in India, but that doesn’t mean that Indians are not fond of it. The game is more a recreational game in India than a professional game, but there is a regulatory body called Badminton Authority of India, which organizes regular competitive badminton events to discover new talent.

Online gambling is currently illegal in India, but that doesn’t stop Indian bettors from registering at offshore online betting sites that target the Indian market. Since the gambling laws in India are unspecific, nobody in India has been prosecuted so far for betting on their favorite badminton player at top online sportsbooks such as and

Badminton betting sites are few and far between, but those that do offer badminton betting offer plenty of badminton betting opportunities. There is nothing to stop badminton fans in India from placing bets on their favorite badminton events at top badminton betting sites.

Badminton Betting Events

Ever since badminton events were included into the Olympics from 1992 to 2008, betting on Olympics badminton events has been high. Even those with the slightest interest in badminton would bet on the game during the Olympics season.

Today, serious badminton fans wait for top badminton events such as the BWF Super Series and the World Championship, which are played annually.

Here is a list of major badminton events:

1. Olympics — Although badminton was included into the Olympics in 1992, it was withdrawn in 2008. A lot of betting was done on badminton matches during these years. Although badminton players can no longer bet on Olympics badminton matches, they can place bets on the World Championship and the BWF Super Series.

2. BWF Super Series — The Badminton World Federation (BWF) launched this two-tiered annual event in 2006, giving badminton fans plenty of betting opportunities.

3. Super Series — An annual badminton event, it is held at the end of every year and has a prize pool of $500k. The participants are those who won the BWF Super Series finals.

4. World Championships — The World Championships, launched in 1977, are annual events held to identify the world’s top badminton players.

Badminton Bets and Odds

Online sportsbooks provide complete schedules of badminton matches, lists of players, and each player’s odds of winning/losing the game. Badminton bets are simple, and usually badminton players place the Straight Up Bet, which means a bet placed on the assumption that a particular player will either win or lose the match.

Online sportsbooks, however, offer lower payouts for the season’s favorite player and larger payouts for the underdog. However, this does not mean that the favorite will surely win or the underdog will definitely lose.

Since badminton is an outdoor sport, weather is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration before placing a bet. Bettors should also do their homework on badminton players; the best way to do this is to check out the website of the Badminton World Federation, which usually contains enough information regarding badminton players, match results, and player rankings.