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Let us discuss what betting sites are best for people from India according to over 1,000 real money sports bettors, casino and poker players in India. Please take a look at the chart below, or skip the mumbo jumbo and trust us when we say at least 90% of people from India choose Here are some cliff notes as to why. This is just a basic percentile of where people tend to choose based on Asian acceptance, Asian depositing, and Asian friendly overall experience.

The majority of India bets here. They are the only betting site to offer Rupees as a deposit, but most of our Indian customers prefer Skrill (Moneybookers). By far the best site. Has a casino and poker room also.
Bodog has told us they are heavily focused on Asia and are looking at expanding more games lines for India. Most popular bookie in America so we’re testing them with India.
A lot of people like the look of the site and promotions, but it’s pretty hard to deposit here unless you have neteller or Skrill/moneybookers.
If you want the best poker site and one with the most traffic this one is it, but it’s only for poker players. They have no sportsbook or casino for India.

On Our S*#t List for Posing as Indian Friendly, While Not Being

#1 – Canbet
Everyone hates Canbet, including 5k of our visitors and here is why. We did a test, and out of 5,000 people from India not one person liked the site and decided to signup. They have no ‘futures odds’ for cricket and they do not accept Rupees like they tell everyone in email or over chat. On top of that, their lines are pretty terrible as opposed to the competing betting sites and they don’t cover all the games. The website is overall just crappy if you live in India, or anywhere around the world for that matter. The only thing half decent is the casino, and even that I wouldn’t recommend. I’m not even quite sure any sports betting site that talks about bookmakers even mention Canbet.

Why Don’t More Companies Accept India

That’s a good question. We commonly talk to gambling companies that want to cater to Indians but there are too many legal loopholes. The online gambling sites are all waiting for the Indian Government to allow State run companies to partner with UK based companies to offer State games. Because of this no gambling company wants to get in trouble if they have a potential chance to tap into the massive amount of people who want to bet online in India.

The Federal Government of India is in the process of licensing companies to do just that. More online betting sites will be coming to India and if the rumors hold to be true, gambling on sports and games will be openly accepted. Everyone does it, just nobody really talks about it. Who wants to drive all the way across the country when you could do it in Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore right in your house…or while watching cricket.

As laws change inside the Indian nation we will continue to stay in touch with the gaming sites most likely to pursue and make it easier for you. Please check back occasionally for updated information.

Be Prepared to Use Skrill
As with the United States, an ewallet is necessary to gamble online. The banks don’t want to deal with gambling transactions so the ewallet takes any possible legalities out of it for you. So, almost all sites use Skrill and as someone who wants to bet online you’ll need it eventually. They’re a bit of a pain because they require documentation and scanned copies of your utility bill but it’s a really safe company to use.