Sports Betting Bonus Offers

If you’ve read other pages of this website you’re probably aware there is no shortage of Indian friendly betting sites. In fact, in many ways online bookmakers go out of their way to accommodate us, such as accepting rupee wagers, offering IPL Cricket and I-League Football, and even streaming games from elsewhere in the world right to our home computer. While most the UK betting sites take care of us extraordinarily well, the one area we’re at a disadvantage is sign up bonuses.

Now before I continue let me quickly inform is the exception to this rule. I’ll cover more on this later – but note: Bet365 is currently offering a 100% up to Rs. 2500 sign up bonus. They are a trusted site licensed in the United Kingdom since 1974 and owned by the same family who owns the English Premier League team Stoke City FC. They are very famous in India because they offer wagering accounts in Indian Rupee (INR). To claim your bonus, just visit their website and make a deposit. Next click on offer codes in the members area, request a code, enter the code, and you’ll have the free money. Wager your deposit + bonus three times and it is free and clear to cash out.

Why Bonuses are Difficult to Find

With the one exception out of the way (thank you Bet365!) the reason many betting sites don’t offer bonuses to Indians has nothing to with discrimination. As I made clear in the intro most betting site go out of their way to service us. Some of the actual reasons bonus are not available are as follows:

  1. Legality – All UK licensed bookmakers are legal within the United Kingdom and with only minor exceptions the rest of the Europe. When it comes to dealing with other countries they generally take the position: we are legal in the country we operate from and it’s up to our users to know and decide the gambling laws of their own country. When sites start soliciting bonus offers to countries outside their home area it becomes harder to take the position they are not soliciting business from these particular countries. Some bookmakers have lower risk tolerance than others, and flying under the radar is often times a good idea.
  2. Bonus Abuse – Bookmakers need to protect themselves from someone having dozens of friends and family members open accounts and claim sign up bonuses on their behalf. Most bookmakers have methods in place to both look for trends and to further verify each client’s identity. This is far more difficult to do when they’re dealing with countries and areas they are not familiar with. The reason Bet365 can do it is they’re a massive international bookmaker with over 5 million customers, in over 200 countries; they offer sports betting in 17 languages and 29 currencies. As you can see in the account verification section of our Bet365 review, they have the methods in place to protect themselves against bonus abuse.
  3. Less Familiar Markets – Bookmakers are not in the business of giving away free cash. A UK bookmaker offers a bonus expecting most clients will stake this bonus on a major market such as English Premier League. With the amount of volume these bookmakers take on these matches they are often in a position they will profit significantly no matter what the outcome of the game. When they start giving away bonuses that will be wagered on markets they take less bets on such as I-League football, it is much more difficult to balance the books.

As you can see there are plenty of legitimate reasons why many UK Bookmakers only advertise bonus offer to UK punters. As a sports bettor located in India – I’d strongly suggest taking advantage of the generous offer at Next look not at what other bookmakers are offering for bonuses, but rather at how well these sites can be trusted, and from there what they offer for odds. Getting paid and getting great odds is far better than being tricked into depositing with a less than reputable company that might not pay. Now with all this said there are some additional bonuses that might be available.

Potential Bonus Offers

These are betting sites that might offer a bonus if you register an account and then inquire:

Ladbrokes – This is a betting site friendly to Indians that tends to stay clear of marketing directly to India. Because they don’t accept Indian Rupee (INR) I suggest opening an account with them via using GBP (UK Pounds) as your account currency. You can use Entropay to deposit and withdrawal in GBP. However, prior to making your first deposit you should contact them asking what bonus offer is available for your account. This can be hit or miss but sometimes Indians with a GBP account are offered the same bonus as UK residents.

William Hill – For the most part everything I just said about Ladbrokes applies to William Hill, though at your odds of getting a bonus are a little smaller than Ladbrokes but it is still possible.

Betfair – These guys are not well known for offering bonuses but if you visit and do see a bonus offer you should certainly inquire to see if it is available.

Sports Betting Promotions

Near every betting site offers unique promotions. At Bet365 there are great football promotions and outstanding chances to win free bets on horse racing. At Canbet there are win or lose 8% rebates on Hong Kong races – at William Hill and Ladbrokes free bets are often offered. A really good strategy when betting online is to open accounts at all legitimate bookmakers and make just a small deposit into the ones you don’t plan to use often. From here every time they email about a limited time offer or free bet, you can be there to take advantage of it.

Hopefully this article helps clear up confusions about why Indians don’t get many betting offers. Once again you can claim a bonus up to Rs. 2500 free at, and then from there take advantage of generous promos other sites are offering. Doing this, your chance of winning at sports betting is greatly improved, and we wish you the best of luck. Find more information on our exclusive Bet365 bonus code.