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India does not permit online gambling and in fact considers it illegal. They do not have any sports booking Indian sites and as a result Indian punters interested in betting on boxing have turned towards international sportsbooks and boxing betting sites that are friendly to Indian bettors.

Boxing is by far one of the oldest sports in the world and originated as a form of fist fights. In India, wrestling has been a popular sport in history and today, its counterpart, boxing enjoys a decent amount of popularity in the region. India has produced several boxing champions and has earned many medals in this sport in the Olympics, and as a result it has created a strong betting market for Indian punters seeking to use international sportsbooks.

What’s more, almost every international bookmaker covers boxing matches, boxing championships and the Olympic boxing events, so Indian punters looking to bet on boxing will have access to an array of boxing bets, boxing odds and boxing betting tips. Some of the top boxing betting online bookmakers that are open to punters from India include the likes of Bet365, Canbet, Unibet and Ladbrokes. Punters can also find several other reliable sites that offer boxing bets.

Ladbrokes Sportsbook

This is a reputed and reliable sportsbook that Indian punters can use to place bets on boxing and expect definite payouts from. Ladbrokes is a great sportsbook that offers bonuses, special bets and good boxing odds to punters. The site also covers a host of other sports like tennis, cricket, basketball, horse racing, football, rugby and so on. Indian punters can place an array of boxing bets at Ladbrokes for the matches it covers including those on popular markets, round betting, total rounds and distance betting.

Although the site does not cover Indian boxing matches and focuses on international events, punters cans till bet on these international games. Some of the boxing bets available at Ladbrokes for Indian punters to wager on involve bets like how the fight will be won, fight results, fight to go the distance, winning groups of rounds, round betting, total rounds and when the fight will be won.

To start betting at Ladbrokes Indian bettors will have to sign up and make a deposit with the site, selecting a deposit method to suit their banking requirements.

Canbet Sportsbook

This is yet another sportsbook that is open to Indian punters. This bookmaker offers odds and betting options on leading boxing tournaments like the Olympic boxing events, the World Boxing Council (WBC), the World Boxing Organization (WBO), the World Boxing Association (WBA) and the International Boxing Federation (IBF). Occasionally, punters can also avail of live – in play boxing betting options for a select few fights.

Bet365 Sportsbook

Bet265 is an interesting sports betting site that not only offers Indian punters access to a hosts of boxing odds and boxing betting options, but also lists news updates on the latest boxing matches and guides punters on betting.

Some of the boxing bets offered by Bet365 include round betting, to win fight, round group betting, fight outcome and total rounds. The site also has a Match-ups bet.