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Boxing is not a very successful sport in India although efforts are being made to popularize it. Although the country has produced top boxers who walked away with gold medals in the Colombo SAF Games in 2006, the game is definitely suffering from want of attention. Since it lacks the backing of wealthy and influential organizations, even the media is hardly focusing on the sport, owing to which boxing has definitely taken a back seat in the country.

However, this does not mean that Indians do not enjoy watching boxing shows on TV and betting on the sport. India’s unfriendly gambling laws have taken care to ensure that there are no online boxing sites in India for boxing bettors, but this does not stop Indian bettors from placing online boxing bets on reputed offshore online betting sites.

Boxing Betting Markets

The boxing betting market worldwide is lucrative, with bets being placed not only on professional and high-profile boxing matches, but also on amateur matches and practice sessions held to help boxers improve their rankings.

Online sportsbooks provide extensive coverage on boxing events related to top boxing federations such as IBF, IBO, WBO, and WBC. They also introduce a wide range of boxing promotions just to encourage punters to bet on high-profile boxing matches.

Boxing matches between British boxes have always attracted lucrative wagers. For instance, David Haye has been the boxing punters’ favorite star for long and excitement runs high in the boxing betting scenario whenever his fights are announced.

Popular Boxing Bets

The type of boxing bets that boxing bettors can place actually depends on the online sportsbook. Here is a brief overview of boxing bets:

  • Win-Draw-Win Bet – A bet placed on the simple prediction that a particular boxer will win the match.
  • Round Bet – A bet placed on a value representing the number of rounds that the fight will comprise.
  • Method of Victory Bet – A bet placed on the prediction that a boxer will use a particular method to win the fight

Boxing Betting Strategies

Needless to say, boxing bets cannot be placed on a mere hunch; a lot of homework needs to be done before one can consider oneself eligible to place an informed bet. Fortunately, doing boxing homework is not at all difficult because of the tons of information available at boxing betting portals, online betting sites, affiliate sites, and other boxing sites. Boxing punters must carefully study a boxer’s credentials, his methods, and records of his previous performances before placing a bet.

Simultaneously, it is important to understand that boxers usually have great records at the beginning of their careers, but find it difficult to handle competition later. Similarly, a boxer can improve with time, so it would be unwise to label a boxer as “bad” just because he has lost a few fights in the past.

Boxing betting is tough and a bettor needs to know his/her boxers really well in order to win a bet.