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The Indian rugby community started gaining interest in Rugby League football only in recent years thanks to the efforts of a number of football organizations and a wealthier section of Indian society. Rugby betting is not as popular as cricket in India, but regularly organized Rugby Union and Rugby League events keep the game alive.

Rugby Betting in India

Indian rugby punters do not have any online betting sites in India because the Indian gambling laws declare online betting to be an illegal activity. However, this does not stop interested punters from registering at offshore online betting sites, which are eager to cater to the requirements of the Indian sports betting market.

Rugby League is an immensely popular sport in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, France, and England, owing to which there are plenty of betting opportunities for Indian rugby punters. Bookmakers in Australia and England provide rugby betting odds on a wide range of regional, local, national, and international Rugby League events.

Rugby bettors also stand the chance of getting special rugby-related offers such as free bets and cash backs.

Rugby League Betting Options

Rugby punters can place bets on popular rugby events such as the National Rugby League of Australia, the Super League of Europe, the Rugby League World Cup, and the State of Origin, to mention just a few.

Online sports betting sites, especially those based in Australia and Britain, give special importance of Rugby League markets with special focus on regional Rugby League events. There are plenty of opportunities for punters interested in Rugby League betting.

Here are some of the Rugby League bets:

  • Outright Winner Bet – A bet placed on the assumption that a particular team will win the match.
  • Try Scorer Bet – A bet placed on the prediction that a player will cross the line

Rugby Union Betting Options

Rugby Union, being an immensely popular sport, also offers plenty of betting options. Some of the top Rugby Union markets, generating plenty of betting activity worldwide, are Test Rugby matches, Club Rugby matches, and Sevens Rugby matches.

The sport offers plenty of betting opportunities to not only seasoned rugby punters, but also new bettors. Owing to the presence of online sports betting sites offering Rugby Union odds along with odds analyses, betting information and tips, betting strategies, player and match statistics, and much more, even new punters will find it easy to place an informed Rugby Union bet online.

Depending on the bookmaker, punters can come across more than 70 different types of Rugby Union bets, with some of the most popular ones being:

  • Match Bet – A bet placed on the prediction that a particular team will win or that the match will result in a tie
  • Try Scorer Betting – A bet that includes multiple betting options for punters, including the option to bet on the prediction that a particular team will score a try
  • Winning Margins Bet – A unique rugby bet that allows punters to place bets on a winning margin