Tennis Wagering Options

Tennis, which was brought to India by the British in the nineteenth century, is a very popular sport in India, a country with several tennis stars such as Mahesh Bhupati and Sania Mirza, who have achieved fame at the national as well as international levels. There is no online tennis betting in India, but tennis does have a regulatory body called All India Lawn Tennis Association (AILTA), which organizes tennis tournaments at local, state, and national levels.

Although the online gambling laws in India are not completely clear, popular offshore online sportsbooks do accept Indian tennis enthusiasts to register and place bets on tennis events organized across the globe. The online tennis betting market is large, presenting a wide range of opportunities to online tennis bettors.

Tennis Betting Events

india tennis bettingOver the years, online tennis betting has gained popularity, and thanks to the availability of a wide range of online sportsbooks, tennis fans worldwide can bet on their favorite local, national, and international tennis matches. Smart tennis punters can make plenty of money placing bets on tennis matches since online sportsbooks offer the best odds and analyses on tennis matches.

The Grand Slam tennis tournaments are immensely popular and attract a lot of tennis betting activity. These events, held four times annually, are also shown on TV all over the world, greatly enhancing the betting experience for players.

1. Australian Open – This is the first sports event of the year, held in January, and giving sports punters a chance to make some easy money with some smart tennis betting.

2. French Open – The only tennis Grand Slam event to be played on clay courts, it attracts the attention of tennis bettors worldwide.

3. Wimbledon – No other tennis event attracts as many wagers as the Wimbledon does year after year.

5. US Open – This is the last Grand Slam tennis event of the year, giving tennis enthusiasts their last chance of the year to make some money with tennis betting.

Types of Tennis Bets

There is a wide range of tennis bet types for Indian punters to choose from and here are some of them:

  • Match Bet – A bet placed on the prediction that a particular player will win the match
  • First Set Winner Bet – A bet placed on the assumption that a player will win the first set
  • Set Bet – A bet placed on the assumption that a player will win a certain number of sets
  • Total Game Bet – A bet placed on the assumption that players will play a specific number of games in a match.
  • Tournament Winner Bet – A bet placed on the assumption that a player will win a tournament/event

Betting Strategies

In order to bet wisely, Indian online tennis bettors ought to understand their players well. Besides, they should also understand that even the best of players perform differently on grass, hard, clay, and carpet playing surfaces. Bettors should check out player statistics, player performance, injuries suffered, fatigue, and many other factors before deciding to place a bet.