Factors To Consider Before Betting On World Cup Semi-Final And Final

By Dhanu Delphi on July 8, 2019

Cricket bettors looking for some World Cup betting action will find the game is not quite as straightforward to predict as some other sports. That’s because there are so many more factors that can influence the outcome of a match. The 2019 ODI World Cup in England, for instance, is a great example of how different factors can suddenly turn the game on its head.

The 2019 ICC World Cup has only three matches left. Technically speaking, July 9 should have seen the first semi-final completed. However, rain played spoil sport and the semi-final was not completed. Unlike the playoff games, a semi-final match will not be abandoned as the International Cricket Council (ICC) has a reserve day in play for both semi-finals and the final.

World Cup Betting Tips For Semi-Final And Final

There are three key World Cup betting factors that punters must consider before betting on the semi-finals or the finals. Before we take a look at these three World Cup betting factors, let us just remind you that you can still bet on the first semi-final between New Zealand and India.

The Kiwis won the toss and decided to bat first. Their openers failed yet again like they have throughout the tournament. A strange partnership between Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor saw them block way too many balls and make it appear that the pitch was difficult to score. New Zealand were 211/5 in 46.1 overs before rain interrupted play.

Factor 1: Reserve Day Scenario

We will use the India vs. New Zealand semi-final to highlight the three different scenarios punters should consider before betting. If rain interrupts play on match day, the officials will reduce the number of overs and try to get in a minimum of 20 overs a side. The D/L method will determine the final score.

If a minimum of 20 overs cannot be completed, then the reserve day will be used. However, the teams will not have to play a new game. They will continue from where they left off. This means New Zealand will have to finish their innings and then get to bowl a full 50 overs against India. If rain impacts the reserve day, then once again the D/L method will be used and a minimum of 20 overs need to be bowled.

The bookies have India at betting odds of 1.19 to New Zealand’s 4.55. Those World Cup betting odds can change significantly. Especially if rain interrupts the action and the D/L method comes into play as it will favour New Zealand. If it becomes a 20 over game, India will have to chase down over 140 in just 20 overs. This naturally gives New Zealand a much better chance.

Factor 2: If Rain Washes Out The Reserve Day

We have seen a number of matches cancelled during the World Cup due to rain, including the playoff game between India and New Zealand. What if there is a cancellation of the semi-finals reserve day?

The team which has the higher points on the points table then advances to the finals. So if this happens in the first semi-final, India will advance. And if it happens in the second semi-final, Australia will advance.

Factor 3: What Happens If The Finals Get Washed Out

On 14 July, the 2019 World Cup finals takes place at Lord’s, England. In case bad weather interrupts the finals, the following day will be the reserve day.  The D/L method will be used on match day as well as the reserve day once again to see if a minimum of 20 overs can be bowled to get a result.

What happens if this not possible and bad weather washes out both days? The ICC will recognise both finalists as joint-winners of the 2019 ICC World Cup.