31 Arrests as Gambling Dens Raided

The crime branch in Nagpur raided four different gambling dens on Friday last week. A total of 31 arrests were made, 29 mobile phones were seized and also a total of Rs 55,900 from the sites of the gambling raids. The four raids took place at Lakadganj, Sonegaon, Ambazari, and Sitabuldi.

KK Pathak, the city police chief, gave the orders to carry out the raid. The orders went to the crime branch squads that are under the leadership of PI Madhao Giri, along with joint commissioner Sanjay Saxena.

Included in the 31 arrests was Nandkishor Nimje, who had been a partner of a serious gambler. Along with Nimje, five others were arrested at Sonegaon. At Sonegaon, there were 18 mobile phones seized. Word has come from the crime branch that this particular gambling den had a large network that covered a number of rural locations, including Gondia and also Bhandara.

Another six of the 31 arrests took place at Dhawade Mohalla. Included in these arrests was Shivraj, who used to be known as Shiva, who was previously charged in a murder case. At this location, Rs 12,000 was seized in cash.

Leeladhar Trivedi, related to Ramesh Dave, a den owner, was amongst those caught at Gokulpeth. At this raid, the crime branch, along with some local cops, also seized Rs 33,000.

At Ambazari, Umesh Badvekar, who has been arrested for gambling before, was amongst the 11 arrests that took place in this gambling den. Tehre were also more arrests that took place at Sitabuldi. At Sitabuldi, Abdul Qureshi was amongst the list of those r who were arrested in this big gambling den rage.