44th Ranji Trophy Final Begins Tomorrow

The 44th Ranji Trophy final is set to begin tomorrow on 26th January 2013. The game will take place at the Wankhede Stadium, and will take place between Mumbai and Saurashtra.

While it is often the case that the finals are very one-sided, it is expected that this year will have some good cricket. Things are looking more in favor of the Mumbai team, that has Sachin Tendulkar on their side, while the Saurashtra team is going to be playing without Ravindra Jadeja, and Cheteshwar Pujara.

History has shown Mumbai to be a strong team and the Mumbai team is certainly seen as the favorite for this year’s Ranji Trophy final. Saurashtra, however, has certainly surprised many along the way to the finals and may yet have more surprises in store.

Although it is expected that the five day clash between the Mumbai favorites and the Saurashtra underdogs will begin with the games being heavily loaded in favor of the faster paced bowlers.

Mumbai’s team has not only Sachin Tendulkar, but also other senior cricketers, such as the team captain, Ajit Agarkar, and Wasim Jaffer. Other top cricketers who have shown top performances in the past are the wicket keepter, Aditya Tare, and also Abhishek Nayar.

Mumbai has a long history of winning the Ranji Trophy. In fact, Mumbai has only lost four of the finals out of a total of 43 finals that they have reached. Even with this history of winning, the Mumbai team is not taking it for granted that they will win this time, and are planning to give it their all.

On Friday, at a pre-match conference, Agarkar said: “I am very happy with the way it has gone for us, from struggling a bit to qualifying and being in the final. Saurashtra, obviously, is a tough opposition who we cannot underestimate.”