Island Casino Resort Proposal for Andhra Pradesh

By Dhanu Delphi on October 11, 2016

andhra-pradesh-stateThere have been a number of proposals to legalize gambling in India. At this time, only Goa, Daman, and Sikkim have legalized and regulated gambling. There are some other states that may join the gambling world, but no concrete changes have taken place at this time.

Interest may have been shown in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala, however, there has been no move towards legalizing gambling in Andhra Pradesh. Despite this fact, there have been a number of bids to open a casino resort. The resort would be located on an island on the River Krishna.

An Indian entrepreneur, Siva Prakash Bobba, has put forward a plan to develop a casino resort on the island. The resort would be modeled on Sentosa Island in Singapore. The state government has plans to build an amusement park but has not yet moved forward with the idea. There are six developers that have filed similar proposals regarding the establishment of a casino resort.

Bobba, who currently lives in the United States, noted: “I find one of the islands in the river Krishna very much suitable for setting up a casino. I’m planning to propose it to the government. The plan is also in tune with the government’s grand design of creating a replica of Sentosa amusement park of Singapore here.”

Legalizing Gambling in Andhra Pradesh

Should the government in Andhra Pradesh choose to legalize gambling, the Andhra Pradesh Gaming Act, 1974 would need to be amended. It does not appear likely that a casino would be priority in Andhra Pradesh since there are other major undertakings that the state still needs to address at this time.

Legalized gambling creates large amounts of gambling taxation revenue for the states that choose to do regulate the industry. In addition to this, tourism is increased, and many jobs are created for locals.