68 Arrested in Gambling Raid

By Dhanu Delphi on August 30, 2013

In a huge gambling bust, Pune police have arrested a total of 68 people this week on Wednesday. The raid took place in Bhosari, and an anount of Rs 44,237 was seized in cash. The raid took place at a lottery centre.

The team of police consisted of six people, including the deputy commissioner of the police for zone III. The deputy commissioner, Shahji Umap and his team carried out the gambling raid on the lottery centre after they had received information that there was illegal gambling taking place there.

Umap said: “We arrested 68 people, including a manager, 14 agents and 53 others playing matka. Kishan Mulchandani from Kalewadi is the manager of the centre. It was being run by one Deepak Bhaiyya.”

Along with the large amount of rupees seized in cash, there were 40 cellphones that were seized, and also records of gambling that were found. The police have filed a case against those who were involved under item 12(A) of the Gambling Act.

The police have been given instructions to carry out checks for illegal gambling activity that may be taking place in other lottery centres. Umap said: “A year ago, the Zone III police had raided a club in Sadgurunagar area of Bhosari. They seized Rs 4 lakh in the raid.”

Another raid also took place this week, also on Wednesday. The police busted four people who were involved in a gambling racket, and seized cash rupees to the amount of Rs 34,860. The four that were accused and arrested are Neeshad of Thrissur, Sanal Kumar, and Shoby and Martine Biju from Vaduthala. These arrests were also carried out after the police were given information regarding the illegal gambling activities that were taking place in the area of Vaduthala.