7Seas Entertainment Joins with Mauj Mobile to Distribute Android Games in India

The mobile Internet company, Mauj Mobile, and its global apps store, Mobango, have inked an agreement with 7Seas Entertainment Limited.  7Seas Entertainment Limited was formerly known as 7Seas Technology Limited.  The gaming development company is based in Hyderabad.

The agreement that was signed this week will have Mauj Mobile, via Mobango, distribute two new 7Seas Entertainment’s mobile games in India.  The two new games are Full Fill and the Dark Man.

Full Fill is a popular arcade game that has 100 levels for players to enjoy.  The game comes with a number of options beginning with the Challenge Mode and the Level Mode.  When players play in the Level Mode, they need to fill up at least one-third of the area available before they lose their lives.  Players can also choose the Shape Challenge Mode, the Number Challenge Mode, the Life Challenge Mode, and the Time Challenge Mode.

The Dark Man is a game for those that like puzzles. This puzzle game is physics-based, and offers players 30 levels to complete.  Players become the archers and have to shoot at targets.  When hitting the target, such as the apple on a character’s head, the player will advance to another level.  If the player misses, or shoots the character instead, they will not be able to advance to the next level.

“We are pleased to partner 7Seas for distributing and monetizing their games content.  The mobile gaming segment in India is growing at an accelerated pace.  We look forward to bringing world-class mobile gaming content to millions of users in India,” said the Head of Sales and Operations at Mauj, Mr. Hari Nair.

The Managing Director at 7Seas Entertainment Limited, Mr. L. Maruti Shankar, had the following to say:  “We are delighted to be working with Mauj as they are pioneers in providing mobile Internet services in India. With the mobile gaming industry being an attractive market in India, we are planning to enter into more channel distribution tie-ups in India.”