A Book About Casinos from Goa Author

An author, based in Goa, has written a book about casinos in India, also focusing on casinos in Goa, the tourist state, which includes a number of off shore casinos that have been set up on boats on the River Mandovi.

The book has been written by Dinesh Patel, and goes by the title of “Indian Jackpot.” “Indian Jackpot” is a comprehensive guide to casino gambling, including bringing players a reality check. The new book is expected to be on the shelves next month.

The author has said that this book will help those who wish to try their hand at casino gambling. Patel has been involved with promoting casinos in India in the past. The book covers many different aspects of casino gambling. Patel explains: “It is the first comprehensive book on casinos that throws light on various aspects of the gaming industry, right from world and Indian history, types of casinos, different types of games, what to expect at a casino, what not to do, house advantage, gaming superstitions etc.”

There has been some serious opposition in India regarding the casinos in Goa, and the book discusses this and also explains the economics of the gambling industry, and the links that the gambling industry has with tourism in Goa. Patel has also looked into the ancillary industries that have arisen in Goa as a result of the gambling industry.

Patel has also used the book to warn players to keep in control of their gambling, and to remember that it is a form of entertainment, and not a way to make money.

Patel has previously written the book “Umbra of Disillusion”, a historical fiction novel written about Goa’s liberation. In 2006, Patel published a book about places to dine for those that wish to dine out in Goa.