A Surprising Extension for Duncan Fletcher

The Indian cricket team has not performed at its best during the tenure of its coach, Duncan Fletcher. Despite this, Fletcher has just been given another year at the helm. At the end of last week, on Friday, the Board of Control for Cricket in India, the BCCI’s working committee, decided that Fletcher would have his tenure as India’s cricket team’s coach extended for another year.

There are many that are unimpressed that he has been given another year to coach the team, because the team has not done well under his leadership. There are some that are of the opinion that the only reason that the team does not yet have another coach is because of the South African tour that is taking place later this year.

During Fletcher’s tenure, the India team has not done well in Tests against Australia and also England. Not only has the team not being doing as well as hoped, but they also lost the home series for the first time after 28 years. Soon after Fletcher took on his role as team coach, the team beat the West Indies in an away Test match nearly two years ago. This was the only away Test that the team won while Fletcher has been coach. During his tenure, India have lost 10 Test matches out of a total of 22, and have only won eight of them.

In One Day Internationals, from the time that India won the World Cup, the team lost 15 matches and won 25. India also lost eight T20s and won nine out of 17 that were played.

What has been considered a serious failure by many is that India did not make it to the finals of the Asia Cup, and could not even advance to the semis of the T20 World Cup 2012.

The decision made by the BCCI in Mumbai is the final decision, and one can only hope that the team will be able to do better than they have recently, despite their coach.