Aam Aadmi Party Conducting Goa Gambling Survey

aam-aadmi-party-goaThe Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has long been fighting against the presence of casinos in Goa. The AAP has accused the Congress Party of introducing casinos to the state.

There is always much discussion from the AAP regarding gambling in Goa. The party plans to hold a public survey to find out what the people feel about the situation, including both land and offshore gambling.

Rupesh Shinkre, a spokesperson for the AAP, has posed a number of questions regarding the state government’s tourism policy for Goa. Shinkre noted: “Congress was responsible for bringing casinos to Goa with BJP in opposition protesting against them but now they are trying to add another one.”

Earlier this month, the AAP held a one-day fast to bring attention to the bad effects that casino gambling can potentially have on the people. Those fasting did so in Old Goa near the Mahatma Gandhi statue. The day chosen coincided with Gandhi’s birthday.

The AAP released the following statement: “Aam Aadmi Party is wedded to his principal of swaraj and has therefore embarked on a massive, state-wide survey to understand the people’s opinion on either persisting or eliminating the promotion of casino’s as a tourist attraction.”

In May this year, the Delhi AAP Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, spoke out against what he referred to as “immoral tourism”, including gambling, sex, and drugs.

Kejriwal noted: “The AAP is fundamentally against all forms of gambling. Our survey and the continuing Goa Dialogue events are helping us to shape our policy on this issue. Once complete, the AAP’s policy on casinos and gambling will be articulated prominently in our manifesto.”

The results of the public survey regarding the legality of gambling in Goa should be available by the end of this month. Goa’s ruling party are of the opinion that gambling is vital to tourism, one of the main Goan industries.