AAP Wants People of Goa to Make Casino Decision

gambling in goaThe Aam Aadmi Party has fought hard against having casinos in Goa. Goa currently has more than a dozen land-based casinos, and four off-shore casinos.

Since 2012, in an election promise, the BJP government had said that it would have the off-shore casino vessels moved from the River Mandovi, and anchored elsewhere. Each time an investigation regarding a new location took place, there have been a number of reasons why the move was not feasible.

The Aam Aadmi Party would like the people of Goa to have the chance to decide on the casino issue for themselves. That way, it will be clear what the people want, and action can be taken to reach that goal.

The leader of the Aam Aadmi Party, Ashish Khetean, said: “People of Goa have seen the betrayal by BJP government on the issue of casinos, they have seen the current BJP government making a U-turn on every big poll promise. We want the people of Goa to decide on casino issue. Let’s see the feedback on the ground.”

Khetean not only spoke out aginst the BJP government, but also against Sanatan Sanstha, a right-wing Hindu organisation. He spoke about the need “to root out the corruption from the top levels of government, and giving development into the hands of community.”

Khetean stated that along with issues regarding casinos in Goa, there are other issues that concern the people that live there. He cited casinos, drugs, prostitution, affordable housing, and other issues that he feels are of concern to the people.

There is much controversy regarding the casinos in Goa, espcieally the offshore casinos. The casinos bring in a large amount of revenue for Goa, along with increased tourism, and jobs. There are, however, those that are concerned that Indian people are being affected by the gambling and casino lifestyle.