AITA Invited to Hearing at the Sports Ministry

Indian Tennis - AITAThe All India Tennis Association will be having a hearing with the sports ministry. The AITA has made multiple requests for this hearing, and have finally been given a date on which it will take place. At the hearing, AITA will be given the chance to state its case, which is in conflict with the sports ministry, regarding an issue that has arisen from the 2012 elections.

The hearing will take place at 2.30pm on 13th May. AITA’s secretary, Bharat Oza has been invited to attend a hearing a hearing along with the AITA’s representative for the matter at hand. The hearing will take place in front of Onkar Kedia, the joint secretary of the sports ministry.

The government had made the decision that Anil Khanna, the president of AITA, should step down from his position because of allegedly disregarding tenure guidelines. The government asked AITA to hold new elections to replace the organization’s president. AITA disagreed with the government’s conclusions, and has said that the organization has followed the National Sports Development Code.

Khanna had been the secretary-general of AITA from 2000 to 2012. He took over the role of president of AITA for 2012 to 2016. Khanna had served three successive terms as secretary-general, after which he entered the elections for president. The National Sports Development Codes notes that after a secretary has served two successive terms, there needs to be a four-year cooling off period before seeking re-election.

Included in the notice sent to Onkar Kedia, the sports ministry noted that should an AITA representative fail to attend the hearing, a decision would be based solely on the written representation that has been received to date. It was noted that should a representative fail to present himself, AITA would have waived all its rights to a hearing.