Alleged Corruption in IPL

An Indian television station believes it has uncovered and exposed corruption in the Indian Premier League (IPL) amongst all of those involved in Indian Cricket, from the players themselves to their backers and organisers. The Press Trust of India (PTI) have announced that  the seriousness of these allegations have impelled the Board of Cricket in India (BCCI) to caution that if these allegations are found to be correct, the most severe action possible will be taken against those involved.

The television station involved; India TV, alleged it had carried out an undercover investigation that exposed numerous cricket players admitting to illegal betting and money exchanges. They were unaware that they were being secretly filmed at the time.

India TV claims its investigation discovered that in addition to spot-fixing being common in the IPL, that top games are also fixed and some of the” top players” in this corruption are women.

When questioned about these allegations, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Chief N Srinivasan stated that they will safeguard the honour of Indian cricket.  In order to ascertain the truth in these allegations, the films have been requested and will be reviewed.   Anyone engaging in illegal behaviour will be prosecuted to the fullest; even if that necessitates an immediate suspension.

The BCCI Chief stated that he has spoken to the IPL Governing body and in the morning this matter will be investigated by them to demonstrate how seriously this matter is being taken.

India TV have alleged that an IPL player admitted to receiving Rs1.45 from the owner when he was in the Rs30 lakh slab and  another  IPL player was identified who had allegedly bowled a no ball in a top match last year due to the perseverance of the India TV reporter. He additionally agreed to make team changes for money.

A different player it is claimed insisted on money for bowling a no-ball in another IPL match.

India TV stated that certain styles of play had been repeated where a specific bowler pitched easy deliveries and dropped catches.