Another Gambling Bust

By Dhanu Delphi on September 7, 2012

India's flag There have been a number of actions taken to close down illegal gambling in a number of locations across India. One of the most recent gambling busts has taken place in Nagpur.

On Saturday night, there was a late night raid that took place. In the late night gambling raid, there were 14 people booked for gambling crimes. The gambling crime sleuths busted a hotel manager along with the others that were caught.

Anil Raut, also known as Annaji, who is the brother-in-law of an NCP woman, was one of the people caught in the raid. This was the second time in a two week time period that Annaji has been caught by the gambling crime branch team for gambling related crimes.

The gambling crime branch team was led by the senior police investigator, Madhao Giri. Giri and his team had received a tip-off about the gambling racket that was taking place on the second floor of one of the sophisticated hotels that is located on Wardha Road. During the raid, the police seized a sizeable amount of cash, totaling 3.42 lakh. There were other gambling-related materials that were also seized during the raid.

Those that had been accused were taken to the Sonegaon police station where they were charged with the gambling offence. Raut, who seems to be the ringleader, was also caught about a year ago in a raid at a five-star hotel located at Sadar. PI Giri’s team led that raid too.

It seems that Sunil, Raut’s younger brother also has a criminal past. Sunil, who has some cases pending against him, has also held positions in the NCP. It is thought that Sunil is somewhat close to a senior NCP leader.