Another Gambling Den Bust in Navi Mumbai

By Dhanu Delphi on June 12, 2015

India Illegal Gambling 2Last week, there was yet another gambling bust that took place in Navi Mumbai. The gambling den was raided in Navi Mumbai’s APMC. The gambling bust took place after a tip off.

Cops were informed that there was a gambling den set up in a hotel in sector 19. The police raided the gambling den that had been set up on the third floor, and rounded up all those that were present.

This raid is the sixth of its kind that has taken place in the city in the past two months.

In Chennai, police closed a recreation club in T Nagar after it was revealed that two patrons had committed suicide after having lost funds gambling. Gambling at recreation clubs is not deemed legal in most states, and the Chennai police are now following up on leads to raid a number of recreational clubs that may be offering gambling too.

The raid that took place over the weekend was at a club on GN Road in T Nagar. During the raid, police arrested a total of 23 people who appeared to be gambling. In addition to this, police seized funds amounting to nine lakh from the gamblers.

A police officer commented: “Even clubs functioning with licenses should not encourage gambling on the premises. We will book gamblers and the club management.”

Since gambling is illegal in most parts of India, players may find that it is best to travel to locations such as Goa, where legalized gambling can be found. Many players will also turn to online gambling, where a wide variety of gambling games are available, rather than joining in with games that are played in illegal gambling dens across India. There have recently been police crackdowns on illegal gambling locations throughout India.