Arjun Tendulkar Follows in Sachin Tendulkar’s Footsteps

Arjun Tendulkar - 2015Arjun Tendulkar, the is Sachin Tendulkar’s son. The younger cricketer is showing his strength in cricket at a young age. The young player hit a century in an Under 16 junior Mumbai tournament. Arjun’s team scored a total of 218 runs, of which he scored 106. The game was the last of a four-tem tournament that has taken place this month.

Having a cricket hero as a father must have its challenges, however, Arjun appears to be up for it. The match in which Arjun scored his century was played at cricket gounds that are named for his father, the Sachin Tendulkar Gymkhana Grounds. It is not every day that a young cricketer gets to score a century at a cricket stadium named after his father.

India is waiting for Arjun to reach the point at which he can take over where his father left off. The young cricketer is certainly on a path to do so, although it is likely that the younger Tendulkar would appreciate a bit less pressure.

In a school cricket tournament, Arjun scored 118 runs off of only 42 balls. His skill has made headlines. He is also a quality left-handed bowler.

Interestingly, his cricket playing style has been compared more to Yuvraj Singh rather than to his father’s style of playing. Although his style of smashing his way to a century is similar to Singh, the fact that Arjun scored almost half of the teams runs is a lot like his father, Sachin.

Sachin Tendulkar may well be the best cricket player that the world has ever seen. He began playing cricket at eleven years of age. At fourteen, he was a ball boy at the Cricket World Cup. He played for Mumbai Ranji in the same year, and when he was fifteen, he played for Mumbai. At sixteen, he played his first game for India.