Arrests as Punters Place Bets on India-Pakistan T20 Cricket

Indian - handcuffs - openThe Thane crime branch unit of police has arrested three people who were caught in an alleged betting racket. Bets were being taken for the T20 match that took place between India and Pakistan on Saturday. The arrests took place in a hotel, the Dhiral Hotel, located in Louiswadi in Thane, where the three had been allegedly operating the betting racket.

Inspector Ravindra Shirtode led the investigating crime team at the hotel where those who were accused of operating the betting racket were arrested. There were a number of items seized from the hotel room, including eight mobile phones, a television, and a large amount of cash to the total of Rs 40,500.

The accused are Prakash Shah from Mira Road, and Kamlakar Jawatraj Jain, who is also from Mira Road, along with the Andheri resident, Diliphumar Mohanlal Jain. There appears to be another individual working with these three men. He was identified as Kushal bhai over the phone. It appears that the accused were using the mobile phones that were seized to be in contact with punters who wished to place bets on the Twenty 20 cricket match between India and Pakistan.

It seems that as the cricket season has opened, so have a number of betting rackets. There was yet another betting racket that resulted in one arrest. The individual arrested was allegedly taking bets on the South Africa match against Sri Lanka. Items seized in this second raid included a television set, mobile phones, and the sum of Rs 34,110. There was also a large amount of liquor seized in this raid.

Not so long ago, another raid took place in the Thane area in which there was a betting racket that was found taking wagers on the Asia Cup.