Arrests Over Gambling Cockfighting

cockfightEarlier this week, there were 20 people who were arrested for taking part in wagering on cockfighting. The police arrested those who were involved in the betting operation and also recovered nine roosters. The police conducted the raid after they were tipped off that it was taking place.

The police raided Kodipandala Dibba, the location of the cockfight, under the leadership of the city’s Task Force Police Inspector G V Ramana. Kodipandala Dibba is located near the King George Hospital. In addition to gambling charges being laid under the AP Gaming Act of 1974, those who were arrested were also arrested on the charge of cruelty to animals.

During the raid, there was a total of Rs 60,520 that was seized in cash, along with the nine roosters that were rescued from the cockfighting. The sport is considered to be barbaric by many, and it is considered an illegal blood sport. Spectators will place bets on one of two roosters, who are then placed in a ring where the two roosters will fight each other to death. Even the rooster that wins is likely to suffer fairly severe injuries. Cockfighting is banned in Andhra Pradesh, and cockfighting is still seen a lot in Tamil Nadu.

In another gambling raid this week, police raided a gambling den in Nagpur. The police caught five people in the process of being involved in gambling activities. The crime branch police raided a gambling den where they arrested the five people, and also seized their mobile phones. The raid took place in the late afternoon at Dhawde Mohalla. Those that were caught at the scene included Mangesh Bawne, Ashok Chawla, Shivraj Powar, and Raman Maroti. The gambling raid was conducted after police were given a tip off that gambling operations were to be taking place at Dhawde Mohalla.