Australia Beats India in First Test in Pune

For the first time since 2004, the Australian cricket team has beaten the Indian team in a Test match on Indian soil. India was chasing a total of 441, and suffered a crushing defeat with only 107 all out. India ended the match with a huge 333-run gap between the teams.

India and Australia have now completed the first of a four-game Test series. Before this loss, India had a 19-Test winning streak. Australia’s Steve O’Keefe took down 11 players in the Test match. Along with Australia’s excellent playing, players on the Indian team did not field as well as expected, with a number of fumbles taking place when players attempted to catch the ball.

The India coach, Anil Kumble, defended his team despite the huge loss. After the bad start that took place on the first day, Kumble noted the challenges the team had to contend with on the first day of play. At the same time as noting that the team was playing on a difficult service, Kumble also gave due credit to the Australians for their playing.

“It is a challenging surface which requires application, aggression and a bit of caution as well,” said Kumble. “You need a mix out of that. And today was not our day. We have to give credit to the Australian bowlers as well. It was one of those days when you go back and start, Ok, how do we come back and pick those six wickets?”

He continued: “It’s a surface where you needed to adapt. We didn’t adapt really well. Probably if you look at yesterday, the first 80 runs in the first session and the last 60 runs for the last wicket that slightly took us away from what we were wanting to restrict Australia to.”

The second Test of the four-Test series will take place in Bangalore, starting on 4th March 2017