Australian Players Banned from IPL After Ball Tampering

By Dhanu Delphi on March 28, 2018

Players from the Australian cricket team were caught tampering with the ball in their match in South Africa. Once more information had come to light, Cricket Australia banned three players. The banned players are the team’s captain Steve Smith, vice-captain David Warner, and the team’s opener Cameron Bancroft.

News has broken that David Warner was charged with “development of a plan to attempt to artificially alter the condition of the ball.” He instructed Cameron Bancroft, a junior player to carry out the plan using sandpaper on the ball.

Steve Smith had knowledge of the plan and did not try to prevent it, going as far as instructing that evidence of the tampering be concealed.

India Bans Ball Tampering Players

The BCCI have banned Steve Smith and David Warner from playing in the 2018 Indian Premier League. Smith has had to step down from his role as the Rajasthan Royals team captain for the upcoming IPL. He is being replaced by Ajinkya Rahane.

David Warner was set to be the captain for the Sunrisers Hyderabad, and has also had to step down. At this time, no replacement skipper has been announced. Warner, the mastermind of the ball tampering, will be somewhat difficult for the team to replace.

Sachin Tendulkar Comments

In 2001, Sachin Tendulkar was accused of ball tampering, after which it was discovered that he was simply cleaning the ball without permission from the umpire. Since no infraction had occurred, there were no penalties.

Tendulkar was outraged by the actions of the Australian players. He Tweeted: “Cricket has been known as a gentleman’s game. It’s a game that I believe should be played in its purest form. Whatever has happened is unfortunate but the right decision has been taken to up hold the integrity of the game. Winning is important, but the way you win is more important.”