Australia’s Cricket Tour of India: Match Called Off

By Dhanu Delphi on October 15, 2017

Australia has had a difficult and disappointing cricket tour in India. The team lost the One Day International series to India. The hosts won four out of five games, while the Australians hoped for better days in the Twenty20 International series.

Twenty20 Internationals Between Australia and India

The first T20I saw India win by 9 wickets. Australia was still down and out but managed to win the second T20I of the three-match series.

Once the T20I series was equalized, the tension had risen. The final match was set to take place in Hyderabad, and the crowds were excited. Australia had a chance to end the series on a high note, although there was no way to predict the winner of the T20 series.

Rain Affected Play in the Australia Tour

Throughout the tour, rain had delayed many matches but none had been called off. The weather had reduced the first ODI of the series to only 21 overs. The tail end of the monsoon season left Hyderabad with heavy rainfalls in the days preceding the final game.

Match Called Off                                                                    

Both players and fans were disappointed when the decision was made that the conditions in the outfield were unsafe. The game was called off after the umpires had inspected the condition of the outfield. With hopes to play, the teams were doing pre-match warm-ups. Virat Kohli hit a ball that landed in the outfield. In unusually wet conditions, only half the ball remained above ground while the other half sunk into the wet grass.

David Warner Compliments the Ground Staff

There was much disappointment with the cancelled match, and Australia’s skipper, David Warner, commented.

Commenting on the ground staff, Warner said: “It’s disappointing, but circumstances were quite tough for these guys. They had 20 days of rain every day, and I think they did quite a good job to actually keep the square dry and prepare a pitch.”