Updated: December 12, 2016
Author: SportsBetting Team

How to Bet on Badminton from India

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Although Badminton, a descendant of the popular game of shuttlecock, was played in Greece nearly 20 centuries ago, it obtained its current form and rules only in India. The game was invented when British army officers, who were posted in Pune, modified a local children’s game of shuttlecock. They played the game in the form of tournaments and matches in India, during the early nineteenth century.

The British, who learned and modified the game in India, took it back to England in the late nineteenth century. The Duke of Beaufort organized a Poona Game match on his lawn in Badminton, after which the local Indian game came to be known as Badminton. The game then became very popular, and in 1877, the Bath Badminton Club, the first sports club dedicated to Badminton, was formed.

Online Badminton Betting

Online gambling is an unexplored territory in India. The government of Sikkim had mulled over the idea of launching online gambling sites in 2010, but the idea did not work out. Although Sikkim has an online lottery, it hasn’t expanded into the area of online sports betting.

Moreover, in May 2011, India passed the Federal Information Technology Act, which tries to prevent its citizens from registering at online sports betting sites by making ISPs responsible for unblocked offshore gambling sites. However, this does neither stops smart offshore badminton betting sites from targeting the Indian market nor does it prevent online bettors from India registering at these sites.

Where to Place Bet on Badminton

www.bet365.com is among the leading online betting sites in the world, accepting wagers from several countries across the globe, including India. This makes Bet365 Sportsbook a great online venue for Indian badminton enthusiasts. Bet365 is an online gambling company, which offers not only online sports betting, but also other gambling services such as poker, bingo, games, casino, and financials.

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The online betting service at Bet365 has a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Also, bet365 offers a wide range of payment options ideal for Indian bettors. Some of the most reliable and convenient banking methods at the Bet365 Sportsbook are credit/debit cards, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller and bank transfer. Bettors can contact Bet365 through phone, email, fax, or postal address.

Badminton in India

Badminton is not as popular as cricket in India, but is still widely played. However, it is a recreational game, played in clubs and localities for fun and relaxation.

Professional badminton is also played in India, but under the supervision of the Badminton Authority of India, which organizes regular tournaments at the local, state, and national level in a bid to identify badminton talent.

Badminton might have taken the back seat in the Indian sporting scenario because it is largely an indoor game, and most Indians simply cannot afford to construct and maintain indoor badminton courts or subscribe to the services of a club.

Badminton Betting Events

The best online betting sites in the market offer betting odds and analyses Olympics badminton events, the World Championship, and the BWF Super Series, owing to which there are plenty of badminton opportunities for badminton bettors.

Usually, online sports provide badminton match schedules, names of players participating in each match, and their odds of winning or losing. Sportsbooks offer more money for players who have a lower chance of winning and less money for the favorite player. However, the favorite player need not necessarily win the match.

Today, serious badminton fans wait for top badminton events such as the BWF Super Series and the World Championship, which are played annually.

Here is a list of major badminton events:

1. Olympics — Although badminton was included into the Olympics in 1992, it was withdrawn in 2008. A lot of betting was done on badminton matches during these years. Although badminton players can no longer bet on Olympics badminton matches, they can place bets on the World Championship and the BWF Super Series.

2. BWF Super Series — The Badminton World Federation (BWF) launched this two-tiered annual event in 2006, giving badminton fans plenty of betting opportunities.

3. Super Series — An annual badminton event, it is held at the end of every year and has a prize pool of $500k. The participants are those who won the BWF Super Series finals.

4. World Championships — The World Championships, launched in 1977, are annual events held to identify the world’s top badminton players.

Badminton Bet Types

Badminton does not offer many types of bets, and the most commonly placed Badminton wager is the straight up bet, which is a bet placed on the prediction that a particular player will win/lose the match.

Badminton Betting Rates

Online sportsbooks provide complete schedules of badminton matches, lists of players, and each player’s odds of winning/losing the game. Badminton bets are simple, and usually badminton players place the Straight Up Bet, which means a bet placed on the assumption that a particular player will either win or lose the match.

Online sportsbooks, however, offer lower payouts for the season’s favorite player and larger payouts for the underdog. However, this does not mean that the favorite will surely win or the underdog will definitely lose.

Since badminton is an outdoor sport, weather is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration before placing a bet. Bettors should also do their homework on badminton players; the best way to do this is to check out the website of the Badminton World Federation, which usually contains enough information regarding badminton players, match results, and player rankings.