BCCI Suspends Raj Kundra

The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) has suspended Raj Kundra, the co-owner of the Rajasthan Royals. Kundra was suspended because of the alleged charges of gambling against him.

Kundra says that he is innocent and did not place any bets on the 6th IPL, however, the Delhi police are claiming that Kundra had confessed when he was interrogated. Kundra claims that this is not true.

The police commissioner, Neeraj Kumar, has said that while Kundra made certain statements, the police are as yet unable to arrest him because they do not have information on, for example, when and how Kundra placed his bets. The commissioner noted that the does not have to disclose more information, and he implied that he had some other information too.

Essentially, the BCCI has suspended Kundra without full information, and basing the decision on alleged, and as yet, unconfirmed, actions. Kundra cannot take part in any activity that is related to his team’s games. In fact, he cannot even attend a game that is being played by the team.

Kundra feels that he is being turned into a scapegoat. He said: “I am shocked and upset at the unilateral decision taken by the BCCI and will fight the grounds of suspension.”

Kundra is certainly frustrated by what he considers an unjust suspension by the BCCI. He further noted: “All sorts of accusations were made against me without proof, by people in powerful positions. It is sad that without accurate facts, I am being made a scapegoat and put under trial by the media based on unproved claims.”

It has been claimed that Kundra says that the only betting that has taken place has been between him and his wife, when the couple may bet each other that one team or another will win, after which, the loser will treat the other spouse and a number of their friends to dinner. While this may be considered betting, if this is all that Kundra is ‘guilty’ of, it is not likely to be a problem.