BCCI Treasurer Challenges the Yo-Yo Test

The BCCI Treasurer, Anirudh Chaudry, has questioned the validity of the Yo-Yo fitness test for the India A cricket team. Chaudry contacted the Committee of Administrators (CoA) asking when the Yo-Yo test became the test of choice to determine player fitness.

Concerns have arisen since Ambati Rayudu failed to pass the Yo-Yo test, and was therefore excluded from the UK tour. Rayudu showed his strengths in the recent Indian Premier League where he was one of the top run-getters.

There are questions as to whether the Yo-Yo test, a test that primarily tests for aerobic endurance. Since cricket players do not run a large amount during a match, is this test appropriate for cricket players. Yo-Yo is an intermittent recovery test, which tests an individual’s recovery status.

Anirudh Chaudry Comments

“This raises serious questions about functioning of the selection process at the moment since a player who has done exceedingly well in the IPL against best of international bowling and thereafter attended NCA to work further on his strength and conditioning is selected and is then declared unfit and hence replaced,” noted an irate Chaudry.

Chaudry also requested more information regarding the fitness tests, and the importance given to each of the tests.

He said: “I would also like to know who has devised such weightage, and who all were involved in the decision-making process.”

Chaudry also noted that it is easier to pass the Yo-Yo test if you are familiar with it. He noted that this was the first time that Rayudu took the Yo-Yo test.

“Test familiarity can impact results, meaning individuals that are unfamiliar with the test procedure may achieve less than optimal scores.”

It should be noted that while physical fitness is very important, there are other ways to test this. The question is how much importance should be given to this specific test, and what other testing was done. Three players were excluded from the team based on Yo-Yo test results.