Betting on IPL Matches

India Illegal Gambling 2The police were holding four people who have been accused of running a betting racket in which punters can place bets on Indian Premier League matches. The police arrested the four after receiving a tip-off from a punter who said he had lost money when placing bets on IPL matches.

The four who were being held are A Shamsu from Nallalam, H Harshad from Thalakkulathur, Mohammed Rasheed from Chevayoor, and Ifsul Rahman from Areekkad. All four have been released on bail.

The raid took place when Kings XI Punjab and Sunrisers Hyderabad were playing a match on Saturday. The four were arrested in a rented building that was being used to carry out the betting operation. The police have noted that the accused have been connected to illegal betting on international cricket matches, although this seems to be the first time that they have run betting for local IPL matches.

The Kozhikode North Assistant Commissioner, K Ashraf, commented on the arrests: “During the preliminary investigation, we could not identify more persons. More information is expected to be divulged after a detailed probe.”

The police seized four smartphones, Rs 5.02 lakh, two motorbikes, and one car at the time of the raid. It appears that payouts may have been distributed the day after each IPL match. Police investigators will be looking into the cell phone call lists to help determine if illegal betting took place. It is already clear that a large volume of calls were received during the time that IPL matches were taking place.

It appears that punters could place bets up to Rs 10,000 during a match. Bets would be placed on whether fours or sixes or any other specific actions would take place in the match. Those that allegedly ran the operation appear to have recorded the calls they received from those who placed bets. Recording the calls would have been used to ensure the distribution of winnings would go to the correct people.