Bharat Arun Shares Formula For India’s Best Bowling Attack

By Dhanu Delphi on November 14, 2019

India are currently ranked number one in the world on the ICC Test points table, number 2 on the ICC ODI points table and number 5 in ICC T20 points table. India have been dominant at home. But they have also shown in the last couple of years that they can go overseas and win.

Cricketing pundits will tell you that there are a number of reasons why India has witnessed such a turnaround in all formats of the game. Players are a lot fitter these days, and the fielding has improved by leaps and bounds. Also, T20 cricket has helped batsmen be more attacking. India has found the right balance between youth and experience in selecting their team.

However, the biggest improvement that Indian cricket has seen in the last 5-6 years in the quality of fast bowling and spin bowling in all formats of the game. India, without a doubt, has their best bowling attack. Credit for that must be given to bowling coach Bharat Arun.

Bharat Arun Brings Unique Perspective

Bharat Arun did not play a lot of international cricket as he represented India in only six ODIs and two Test matches. He also did not play a lot of cricket for his state side of Tamil Nadu. A serious injury ended his career in 1991 when he was just 29 years old. He was an all-rounder who decided that while his cricketing career was over, he could still give back to the game by studying to become a coach.

He put in the effort of studying a number of courses. Arun obtained key certifications that would put him in a position to coach Jolly Rovers, a league team in Tamil Nadu. The money wasn’t great, by any means. But he stuck to his commitment to coach and soon, opportunities opened up before him. He would later take on coaching roles with Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Then Arun would go on to become the bowling coach of National Cricket Academy (NCA).

His coaching skills and results were impressive that he was given the chance to be the head coach for the U-19 side in two World Cups. He helped lead one of these sides to victory in 2012. Due to his impressive performance, he was then given an opportunity to coach the Indian cricket team. He is currently doing his second stint as the bowling coach for India. Arun is doing a commendable job.

Arun Experience Benefitting Young Bowlers

He has a unique skill set as Arun brings with him the experience of playing international cricket, strong coaching credentials and a track record of mentoring young players and helping them become winners. That is exactly what he has done with the group of fast bowlers and spinners in India over the last few years.

India not only have a great lineup of premier fast bowlers and spinners, but also excellent bench strength. Arun will be the first to tell you that he cannot take the credit for this. However, his contributions cannot be underestimated here.

His coaching strategy is rather simple, but very effective. Arun does not try to meddle too much with what he wants his bowlers to do or not do. He helps them identify their strengths. Then, he finds a pattern where they can quickly get into a bowling rhythm.

He helped Mohammed Shami find better balance at the crease by shortening his strides. Arun also worked with Ishant Sharma to help him overcome his no ball issues. He also assisted Ravi Ashwin with his load-up and helped Jasprit Bumrah become the best bowler in the world. He has also worked hard to help the fast bowlers maintain their speeds throughout the game by managing them well and giving the guidance they required.