Boxing India Provisionally Approved by AIBA

Boxing GlovesBoxing India will be the new provisional National Federation that will be used to represent boxing in India. The new body was approved on Wednesday this week by the International Boxing Association (AIBA).

The International Boxing Association made the announcement regarding Boxing India. The official decision was conveyed to N. Ramachandran, the Indian Olympic Association president, and it came directly from the president of the AIBA, Ching-Kuo Wu. The letter to the Indian Olympic Association president explained that the new sporting body is only considered to be a provisional body until the decision is ratified at the AIBA Congress. Ratification of Boxing India is expected to simply be the formal acceptance of Boxing India that will take place after recommendations are given by the evaluation committee.

The Boxing India organisation has its work cut out. The organisation needs to make sure to hold a special general assembly in order to begin the task of conducting elections for the group. The Boxing India federation will officially be launched after the elections have taken place. The federation will be able to head up the sport of boxing in India and will be fully recognised by the AIBA.

The International Boxing Association made a point of setting up this new federation, and excluding the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation since this federation has been cited with a number of violations. The new National Federation of Boxing India is expected to give Indian boxing a fresh start with an organisation that will both support the AIBA and will be run by the “right group of people.”

Ching-Kuo Wu said: “The new vision and the initiatives proposed by this organisation to revive the sport of boxing in the country in a professional and ethical manner have convinced AIBA that there would be no better organisation than Boxing India to represent our sport in India.”