Updated: January 14, 2020
Author: SportsBetting Team

Online Boxing Betting in India

boxing betting India
Boxing is a fairly popular sport in India and although the boxing matches do not attract the same crowds of people that cricket and tennis matches do, the sport does have a large fan following who are content to watch their games on television and call in their bets over the telephone or online.

Boxing is a medal winning sport in India, and several of the Olympic medals that India has acquired have been from this category. Bettors who wish to place bets on boxing events both international and national will find plenty of online sportsbooks offering Indian boxing bets.

Boxing Betting Sites

bet365.com is an interesting sports betting site that not only offers Indian punters access to a hosts of boxing odds and boxing betting options, but also lists news updates on the latest boxing matches and guides punters on betting.

Some of the boxing bets offered by Bet365 include round betting, to win fight, round group betting, fight outcome and total rounds. The site also has a Match-ups bet.

Boxing in India

In India, boxing is governed by the Indian Boxing Federation which is also responsible for representing the country in the Olympics. The IBF is a part of the International Amateur Boxing Association and manages more than 6000 registered boxers from India.

The country promotes boxing as a sport and has set up various boxing tournaments and boxing organizations for this purpose such as the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation, the Bombay Presidency Amateur Boxing Federation and State Boxing Associations.

India hosts several National Championships boxing events, World Series Boxing matches, and also participates in International boxing tournaments like the Colombo SAF Games, the Summer Olympics, the Asain Games and other events, giving punters plenty of boxing betting options.

India is also home to many boxing clubs like the Bhiwani Boxing Club located in Bhiwani, Haryana. This boxing club is renowned for producing famous Indian boxers like Jitender Kumar, Jagdish Singh, Captain Hawa Singh and Akhil Kumar.

Boxing Betting Markets

Indian bettors will have plenty of boxing betting opportunities to choose from as almost all offshore sportsbetting sites offer boxing bets. Although India does not have any official boxing betting sites, Indian bettors can access offshore sportsbooks.

Furthermore, the sport of boxing is fast gaining popularity in India and is expected to attract more punters in the coming years. India has a strong potential for boxing betting and the Indian Boxing Federation and the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation encourages Indian boxers to participate in as many international events as possible.

Bettors will be able to place bets on several of the international boxing events around the world and can place wagers on the Indian team at the Olympic Games and so on. As of now, it is the Olympic boxing events that attract the heaviest betting traffic from India, although punters do opt to bet on other continental, international and a few national boxing matches events as well.

Boxing Bets

Some of the most popular boxing bets that can be followed by Indian punters include match bets which require wagers to be placed on who will win a certain match and round bets which have wagers placed on who will win the round. Most online sportsbooks offer these bets with several variations on scores, odds and the boxers involved. Punters may also be allowed to bet on the method of victory that the boxer wins the match such as a knockout and so on. There is also the option of live betting, which is offered by a select few sports betting sites.

The type of boxing bets that boxing bettors can place actually depends on the online sportsbook. Here is a brief overview of boxing bets:

Boxing Betting Strategies

Needless to say, boxing bets cannot be placed on a mere hunch; a lot of homework needs to be done before one can consider oneself eligible to place an informed bet. Fortunately, doing boxing homework is not at all difficult because of the tons of information available at boxing betting portals, online betting sites, affiliate sites, and other boxing sites. Boxing punters must carefully study a boxer’s credentials, his methods, and records of his previous performances before placing a bet.

Simultaneously, it is important to understand that boxers usually have great records at the beginning of their careers, but find it difficult to handle competition later. Similarly, a boxer can improve with time, so it would be unwise to label a boxer as “bad” just because he has lost a few fights in the past.

Boxing betting is tough and a bettor needs to know his/her boxers really well in order to win a bet.