Can the BCCI Resist the Pressure from the ICC

The Indian cricket board, the BCCI, has opposed the implementation of the Decision Review System (DRS). According to Sanjay Patel, the BCCI secretary, when representatives from India attend the ICC’s Annual Conference in London, they still plan to continue to speak out against the uniform implementation of the DRS.

Since there is much pressure to give into the demands of the ICC to accept the Decision Review System, the BCCI will once again debate the issue at the ICC’s Annual Conference. The conference beings on 23rd June 2013, and at this stage, it looks like any debate will be fruitless. It certainly looks as if the ICC will make the decision to turn the Decision Review System into a compulsory rule, as long as it can obtain a majority from those countries that play Test cricket.

Patel clearly stated: “There is no question of agreeing upon the uniform implementation of the DRS. India’s stand has been very clear from the onset and we are against the use of DRS in Test series. There will be no change in our stand at the ICC Annual Conference in London.”

He also explained that at this stage, the BCCI is technically not able to change its position on this issue since the decision was unanimously taken by the BCCI’s working committee. The reason that this decision was reached is because the BCCI does not feel that the DRS is foolproof.

He further explained: “If we have to change our stand then it needs to be ratified by the Working Committee which hasn’t been done in this case. So the question of agreeing with DRS doesn’t arise as it doesn’t have the approval of the working committee.”

The question at this time is whether the BCCI can withstand the pressure that will be put on it by the ICC on this issue. Patel said that it simply does not “work like that.” He said that the ICC cannot unilaterally impose something on the BCCI.