Casino Pride 2 Open for Business on River Maldovi

India - Goa - Casino Pride1After a proposal had been sent to the state government, the decision as to whether the Casino Carnival offshore casino would be allowed to change hands was deferred. Now, two months later, the proposal has been accepted and it seems that chief minister, Manohar Parrikar, has given the go ahead for the transfer of ownership of Casino Carnival.

Casino Carnival belonged to VM Salgoacar & Bro Pvt Ltd. Casino Carnival has now been transferred to the Pride Group, led by Ashok Kumar Khetrapal. The casino will be changing names and will now be known as the Casino Pride 2. The Pride Group has already paid out a state transfer fee of five crore.

Now that this transfer has taken place, there are only two parties that own offshore casinos on the River Mandovi. The two major players are the Pride Group and Deltin. The Deltin group had two casinos, the Deltin Caravela, which is in the process of being refurbished, and the Deltin Jaqk. The group then added to its strength by adding in the Horseshoe casino, which is now known as the Deltin Royale. With this additional casino added, the Pride Group wanted to even things out a bit by taking over the Casino Carnival.

Almost two years ago, the Casino Carnival was up for sale, and in June 2012, a consortium from Delhi had agree to purchase the offshore casino vessel for a sum of between Rs 125 crore and Rs 140 core. The deal went as far as a token payment, however, the deal fell through not long after it had been agreed on.

Last month, it became public knowledge that the Pride Group had plans to purchase the Casino Carnival. The successful deal will hopefully restore some balance in the division of casino ownership on the River Maldovi .