Chamber of Commerce Conference Addresses Legalization of Sports Betting

A recent conference in New Delhi , organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry heard about the potential benefits and possible difficulties in legalising sports gambling in India.  Carl Rohsler spoke to the conference Wednesday not about whether gambling should be legalised but how it should be done. Rohsler told how online sports gambling in India is widespread and rapidly expanding.

Rohsler is a leading member of staff in the British law firm Squire Sander’s gambling regulatory practice and has had dealings with many worldwide gambling companies such as PartyGaming,, Pokerstars and Caesars entertainment.

A delegate present who agreed with him was Previous Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court; Justice Mukul Mudgal who believes that sports gambling should not be thought of as immoral.

When asked his response to the suggestion that regulating gambling will have a negative influence on the public, Rohsler replied that he believed it could only benefit society.  The problems created by illegal gambling already exist with the less affluent members of the public suffering more.  Furthermore, Rohsler mentioned two ways the present state of affairs can be improved upon.  One is to make the activities illegal with very, very high fines and only a slim chance of not being discovered or safeguard those involved by legalising it with rules and regulations that those involved will adhere to.

The present system encourages people to consort with criminals as there is no other way to place a sport bet; thus placing them potentially in harm’s way.  International gambling organisations will not entertain the thought of opening businesses in a country where gambling is illegal as they have too much at stake.  Asked about the concern that regulating gambling will encourage corruption; Rohsler vehemently denied this stating that “there’s an absolute correlation between unregulated gambling and match fixing.”