Chandrashekhar Transfers to CBI

By Dhanu Delphi on September 14, 2012

Last week, an IPS officer who has known to take a very strict stance against illegal gambling has been moved from his post to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).  The IPS officer, V. Chandrashekhar, had requested the move some time ago, however, the state government only made the decision to move him recently.

Sources say that Chandrashekhar requested the transfer to the Central Bureau of Investigation a few months ago, and had been accepted for the position, however, the permission to relieve him of his post was not immediately forthcoming.  Once the state government relieved Chandrashekhar of his post, he was able to move on.  He left his post in the state police on Friday, after the official permission came through on Thursday.

Chandrashekhar was known to be a no-nonsense police officer, and he led one of the biggest gambling raids that has recently taken place in Gujarat.  The raid took place on a gambling den in the Sudama resort.  This bust uncovered Mahendra Patel, known as Mukhi, and Dinesh Thakkar, known as Kalgi, who were both instrumental in the illegal gambling racket.

There is some concern that now that Chandrashekhar is gone, that further investigations may well be derailed since both Mukhi and Kalgi are quite influential.  Chandrashekhar has said that Zone-3 DCP, NN Chaudhary, will be taking over until a new police officer is officatlly posted to Chandrashekhar’s now vacant post.

Chandrashekhar was the district superintendent of police in Bhavanagar, and then later took up his post as zone-1 DCP in Ahmedabad.  During the 12 years that he worked in the state, he has said that he most enjoyed the time that the was holding the position of superintendent of police.  Chandrashekhar is a native of Tamilnadu, and he is a 2000 batch IPS office who also holds a masters’ degree in agriculture.