Chennai Super Kings Defeat Pune Warriors Hosts

While the Chennai Super Kings are celebrating, the Pune Warriors team members are certainly not celebrating, after they were defeated on their home turf. The Chennai Super Kings beat their hosts by 37 runs.

The Chennai Super Kings were first up to bat, and began with a slow start. As the game went on, both Raina and Dhoni helped the team to reach 164 for three. The Pune Warriors did not have a good game, and ended on a dismal 127 for nine.

Earlier on in the game, the Chennai Super Kings lost a couple of players early. Michael Hussey ended on 5, and Wriddhiman Saharna on 13. While the Pune bowlers had began with this good work, Badrinath and Raina made sure to provide the team with a steady and solid 75 runs in the third wicket.

When Raina and Dhoni were partnered as batters in the fourth wicket, they managed a 61 runs for the fourth wicket. In the last four overs, Dhoni got a number of fours, and three sixes. The last of these sixes was hit off the last ball. Raina hit one six and five fours. In the last four overs, the Chennai Super Kings made 50 runs. While Raina made his 50 runs, Dhoni was the player that helped take the team over 150 runs.

Pune began with some great bowling by Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, and the Australian, Kane Richardson. The Chennai Super Kings started out with the first six overs ending in 29 for 2. While the Pune Warriors had hoped and expected that this pace would continue, they were ultimately mistaken and lost the match on their home ground.

The Chennai Super Kings are once again, a team to take note of at this year’s Indian Premier League Twenty20 games. This game simply helped to solidify the team’s standing in the IPL 6.