Chennai vs Hyderabad IPL Match Breaks Records

In the latest IPL cricket action, Chennai Super Kings became the first team to register ten wins in the current IPL season after its match against Sunrisers Hyderabad on Wednesday. This is the first time that Chennai have won both their games against Hyderabad at the IPL 2013, and the team’s fifth biggest win at the IPL after a 77 runs victory. It was bad news for Sunrisers Hyderabad which saw its biggest defeat in terms of runs at the Indian Premier League.

The match broke records for individual team members as well, with Murali Viljay hitting three sixes in an innings for the first time this tournament. The player is now averaging 17;00 in ten innings. Chennai batsman, Michael Hussey became the third in the team to complete 1500 or more at the IPL 2013 within 41 matches. Hussey’s record has only been beaten by Suresh Raina and Mahendra Singh Dhoni who have run more runs for Chennai at the IPL. Hussey also became the first batsman to register 5 fifties this tournament, recording 111 fifties in 41 matches.

Man of the Match, Suresh Raina, became the first batsman to complete 2,700 runs at the IPL and celebrated an excellent unbeaten 99 score – a first in IPL history. Raina’s performance proved once again why he is considered such as team player, first supporting Michael Hussey and then joining the run party once Raina crossed 50.

Sports analysts and fans alike reported on an excellent atmosphere at the stadium, which was packed with people from all walks of life. The heat was eased slightly by the evening showers, which only added to the easy vibe.
The crowds cheered Chennai more than they did the Sunrisers and went wild for MS Dhoni who, unfortunately, failed to deliver the goods and left quickly after a few loose shots.

Analysts also said that it was a shame that Hyderabad didn’t put up a stronger fight, which would have added more excitement to the game.