Chhattisgarh Granted Full BCCI Membership Status

Chhattisgarh Cricket StadiumChhattisgarh State Cricket Sangh has been given full membership statues by the Board of Control of Cricket in India. For some time now, Chhattisgarh has been an associate member, and will now be the 28th affiliated member that will be able to play in the Ranji Trophy. Chhattisgarh is clearly ready to have its status raised with its modern stadium located in Raipur.

In a statement released by the Board of Control of Cricket in India, it was noted: “The Members approved the recommendation of the affiliation committee of BCCI to grant full member status to Chhattisgarh State Cricket Sangh. They will be a part of the Central Zone for all the BCCI tournaments.”

The Chhattisgarh State Cricket Sangh president, Baldev Singth Bhatia was present at the meeting when the decision to give Chhattisgarh Cricket Sangh full membership status was announced.

Bhatia said: “We are thankful to the BCCI who identified and recognised us. The government has helped us a lot. The stadium belongs to them, and they have provided it to us and the facilities are great.”

Before making the decision to enter Chhattisgarh State Cricket Sangh (CSCS) as a full affiliate member, the BCCI ensures that a number of conditions are met. This includes the cricket facilities available, along with the standard of cricket in the district, with special attention given to the grassroots cricket efforts.

Bhatia further noted: “We were given the opportunity to host Associate matches, and the BCCI ascertained how we did there and what our standards were. They saw our team’s fine performance over years; our under-14, 16 and 19 boys have won the finals many times. They have beaten strong teams like Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. One of our boys, Amandeep Khare, was even part of India’s squad in the Under-19 World Cup.”

The CSCS will now focus on putting a good team together for the next Ranji Trophy. There will be new coaches brought in to guide the players, and the CSCS will be searching out the talented players in order to include them in the team. Bhatia explained that those Chhattisgarh players who have had to play with teams in other states until now, will be invited to come and join the new team.