Children’s Entertained at Goa Casinos

While would normally think of casinos in Goa as an adult form of entertainment, players will find that some of the cruise ships that house the offshore casinos are not only designed for adults, but also for children. While this may sound somewhat odd, it is not as odd as it sounds.

Families that come from out of town to vacation in Goa will be looking for entertainment for the whole family. When the adults of a vacationing family may wish to enjoy all that the Goan casinos have to offer, the parents may not be sure what to do with their children during this time. For this reason, there are children’s rooms in many of the casinos that offer appropriate games for children to play while their parents are elsewhere in the casino playing adult-style games, such as slots, blackjack, roulette and other card and table games.

As far as the casino is concerned, while it is offering entertainment to adults and children are not welcome to join these games, or be on the casino floors, it is certainly worth the investment to offer parents a place where their children can play, freeing up the adults to enjoy the casino gaming. While babysitters are provided to look after the children, younger children may even be accompanied by a nanny. The casinos offer games and toys for the children, food, and often will also offer beds in which the children can sleep.

The Golden Peace Hotels and Resorts Pvt Ltd operate one offshore casino, Pride, and three land based casinos, Palms, Pearl, and Paradise. The director of this casino group, Shrinivas Nayak, explains: “Casinos have long suffered negative campaigns. They have been associated with drugs and prostitution, and it has taken much effort to change popular opinion.”

Regarding the estimated number of 70 children coming with their parents each night to the casinos, Nayak noted: “We have trained maids, soft toys, competitions and meals – all on the house.”

While there are those that oppose the children’s entertainment and babysitting services that are available, it is certainly a sound business decision on the part of the casinos, and a service that visiting casino gamers are happy to make use of.