Chinese National Held

Earlier this week, a Chinese national was taken into custody regarding an alleged offence that he committed in connection to the Gambling Act. The police have not publicized what the alleged gambling crime is that has taken place.

While not much is known about the Chinese national, who has been named as Mo Wenqianq, it is known that he is 23 years old, and that he is wanted in Gujarat. The man, who is currently being held, is wanted in a case that pertains to the Gambling Act, and he was taken into custody when he arrived in the country. Officials took the man into custody when he arrived in India from Singapore. He had traveled from Singapore to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport on a Silk Airlines flight that originated in China, and had flown via Singapore.

“The immigration officials discovered that a Look Out Notice (LON) was pending against Wenqianq. The Gujarat police had issued LON in September to all airports in India. We do not have any details about what offence he committed, but he was booked in connection with the Gambling Act,” said the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport SI N. Jayaram.

The suspect was questioned by police when he arrived in Hyderabad. He had said that he came to Hyderabad for a business trip for his company, and was on his way to Rajahmundry. When the police questioned Mo Wenqianq regarding the offence he has been accused of, he said: “I don’t know anything.”

The Hyderabad police issued the following statement regarding Wenqianq: “We have already intimated the Gujarat police that Wengianq was nabbed. The immigration officials handed him over to us and we in turn produced him before a magistrate and took permission to keep him in our custody until the Gujarat police come to take him.”