Cop Demanding Bribe Stabbed by Gambler

On Tuesday, in the Kanthamraju Konduru village near Tenali, a police constable was stabbed by a gambler. The policeman, K. Ravi, was severely injured in the gambling related attack, and was sent to the Tenali district hospital.

The attack that took place after the police had raided a gambling card game on the outskirts of Kanthamraju Konduru happened after a surprise check had taken place by the agricultural fields on the edge of the village. The checks took place after information was given to the police regarding the illegal gambling that was taking place.

When the policemen arrived on the scene, many of those who had been connected to the card game scattered and ran away, while others tried to resist the police, even arguing with them. It was reported that when the police asked those remaining gamblers to come to the police station, a young man, currently unidentified, stabbed Ravi with a knife, after which he ran away and disappeared. Later that same night, other police offers went to the same village and caught a minimum of eight other people that had been involved in the illegal gambling game.

According to some of those that were at the scene, the problems began when the police asked the gamblers for a large bribe from those who had come to play in the game. The players had come from the nearby village of Vijayawada, and were allegedly told that if they gave the police this large sum, there would not be any cases registered for gambling. It seems that the players did offer to pay some amount, but the policemen insisted on a larger sum. After this disagreement, and the harassment by the policemen, the young man then stabbed the policeman, after which he Ravi was rushed to hospital by his colleagues.