Cop, Lawyer Arrested in Gambling Bust

Recently, Indian police have been cracking down on illegal gambling. There have been a large number of arrests at illegal gambling dens, and this week, there was yet another arrest on Wednesday.

The arrest that took place earlier this week included a number of people who hold respected positions in the community. This included a cop that had been deployed in a Pratapgargh special operations group, along with a high court lawyer. There were 19 arrests that took place at the raid. Along with the cop and the lawyer, there was also an individual that has a record of crimes to his name.

During the raid, police seized cash in the amount of Rs 1,83 lakh, along with two cars, two SUVs, and two other vehicles. There were also 18 mobile phones that were seized in the gambling raid.

The raid took place after SP for crime, AK Pandey notified his department that there was gambling that was taking place in a private house in the up market area of Ashok Nagar. The raid took place after the police were informed that there was gambling taking place at the house. The owner of the house has allegedly been running gambling games at his house for some time, and charges those who attend between Rs 2,500 and Rs 5,000 for a day of gambling. It seems that gamblers who come from nearby districts also gamble in this location.

The policeman that was arrested was meant to be at another location while he was on duty, however, he rather spent his time gambling at this illegal gambling location. The cop was identified as Bobby Singh, who was recently transferred to Sant Ravidas Nagar.

The arrested people were Muniendra alias Bhuvanendra of Chakkhandi, Rajesh Rai of Cantt, Abhishek Tripathi of Pratapgarh, Rohit Vashisth of Kidwai NAgar, Sunil Jaiswal of Bai Ka Bagh, Guarav of Katra, PK Gupta of Cantt, Amrendra Singh of Georgetown, Tulsi of New Cantt, Israr Ahmed of Neewa, Om Prakash of Kanhaipur, Vijay of Colonelganj, Abhishek Tiwari of Ashok Nagar, Babloo of University Road, SK Dohre of Dhoomanganj, Abu Brar alias Sufiyan of Kalindipuram, Arun Kumar of Himmatganj, and Dinesh Tiwari of Nawabganj.