Cops Told to Get Quicker Results on Illegal Gambling Cases

J Ravinder Goud, the Senior Superintendent of Police, has told those policemen who are working in the Crime Detection Teams that they need to move faster, and get quicker results.

SSP Goud has reviewed 42 of the Crime Detection Teams, and has looked at their progress over the past month. The Crime Detection Teams were told that they needed to work on the incidents and cases that they were dealing with in a more timely manner and to deliver actual results. While many of the Crime Detection Teams from the various police stations did show some improvement and better results, others did not really produce any results, such as the police stations in Hasanganj, Cantt, Bazaarkhala, Para, Chowk, Kakori, BakshiKaTalab, Indiranagar, Itanunja, and Jankipuram.

Much of the emphasis in the crimes that Goud was speaking about are those illegal gambling crimes, such as illegal gambling dens. Other crimes included crimes such as drug addicts and drug traffickers. SSP Goud said: “Controlling this menace will help to curb the incidents of crime within a short time span and officials have been instructed to take action accordingly.”

In the meeting that lasted for two hours, the Crime Detection Teams were asked to make sure to continue their efforts in catching the hardcore criminals. In the past few days, many of the teams have rounded up a number of known criminals that are listed in their relevant areas. Police in the surrounding areas have been asked to cooperate and coordinate their efforts with other police stations in nearby locations.

There have been a number of unsolved cases, including a number of unsolved illegal gambling cases, that the police have been asked to give priority to. After the meeting took place, police went to work on meeting sources to try and solve the unsolved cases on their books.