Crackdown on Gambling Dens in Nashik Road Area

Police from the Nashik Road and the Upnagar police stations have taken action after complaints from residents regarding gambling dens in the area. There were a number of raids that took place over the weekend.

On Sunday, there were over 10 places that underwent gambling raids in the Nashik Road area, and although no arrests were actually made, it was clear that there had been illegal gambling at these establishments.

One of the first raids took place in the Jail Road area, where a Matka gambling den was raided at Ingle Nagar. When the police got there, there was nobody left to arrest, however, a number of things, such as notebooks and pens used in the Matka trade had been left behind. The police did confiscate all the stationery and anything on the site connected to the illegal gambling, including table and chairs. In the same area, another fruitless raid took place too. The police then carried out raids in at least six other locations nearby.

Some of the gambling dens in the area had already been closed down, and the police noted that the aim of this raid was to ensure that these gambling dens had not reopened. The raids were done under the supervision of D S Swami, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, and were led by M M Bagwan, a senior police inspector from the Nashik Road Police Station, along with Babasaheb Budhwant, a senior police inspector from the Upnagar Police Station.

Budhwant noted that the action against illegal gambling is ongoing. He explained: “If people are accepting Matka bets from their residences and we are informed, we take action by deploying decoy customers. Though there are reports that such bets are also taken on mobile phones, it is difficult to trace such people. If anyone has any knowledge of such secret operations, we can take action on such people also.”

Because of this very reason many have started betting online in India.