Cricket Betting Bust in Kolkata

Kolkata police have busted what looks like it was a cricket betting racket that might have made crores on wagers received for the recent England-India Test match that took place at Wankhede in Mumbai. India suffered a 10-wicket loss although there are those that feel that this loss was somewhat bizarre and requires some investigation.

One of the investigators noted: “The result of the match was a surprise because Indian players practically surrendered before the English spin attack, which is quite bizarre.”

There is no question that gambling took place during that match, however, it has yet to be confirmed whether the betting was linked with cricket wagers, or was simply other betting, as has been claimed by those that have been caught.

The gamblers that have been caught, and are suspects in the case, have said that they were not placing bets on cricket, but rather that they were playing card gambling. The police, however, have their doubts as to whether this is entirely true or not, and plan to continue the investigation. While it seems clear that there was card gambling taking place, the police still suspect that cricket betting also took place. A number of cellular phones were confiscated, and the police plan to thoroughly check the telephone numbers that were both dialed and received. This has lead many gamblers in India to start placing cricket bets on the internet so that no trace can be made back to real bookies.

The first time this gambling den was raided was on Diwali, when the gamblers managed to escape. The police have been keeping a close eye on the operation and have identified the restaurant owner as having a pivotal role in this gambling den. The 35 year old restaurant owner and his brother, Bishu seem to be in on it together, and so far, those that have been arrested are from the local real estate profession.

A police investigator noted: “All it takes to run a cricket betting syndicate are a few cellphones. We have seized several cellphones from the den and will check the call details thoroughly.”