Cricket Betting Racket Busted

India Illegal Gambling 2During the recent Asia Cup, there was a cricket betting racket that was busted in the Thane area. The police of that area arrested those who were busted at Mira Road. There were five people that were accused of being participants in the betting racket, with the main key person being Rajesh Acharya.

Rajesh Acharya appeared to be the person who was running the gambling racket. The police said that the gambling racket was being run in Acharya’s building at Mira Road. Wagers were being placed on the Pakistan versus Sri Lankan game that took place this week.

As with many of the busts that police conduct in India, the police were given information and acted on the tip received, laying out a trap in order to catch those who were conducting illegal betting. Wagers were being placed by punters over the phone, using mobile phones that were on the scene. Items that were seized in the raid included six mobile phones, a laptop, and a television. The total value of the property that was seized by the police team, with PI Kishor Khairnar as the team leader, was valued at approximately Rs 27,060.

In another gambling raid that took place over the weekend in Nachinola, police busted and arrested seven people who were involved in illegal gambling. This bust also took place after a the police received a tip-off that the gambling was taking place. When the raid took place, the seven who were arrested were all caught red-handed, and there was about Rs 3,000 that was also seized at the time.

While there were seven who were both arrested and accused, all of them are no longer being held by the police. The arrests were made under various different sections of the Gambling Act, and it seems that all these sections are come with the possibility of the accused getting out on bail. All seven of the accused have been released on bail.