Cricket Betting Ring Bust

illegal betting moneyEarlier this week, a police Task Force busted a cricket betting ring in Hyderabad. There were a number of raids that took place at the same time in different locations around the city including Sindhi Colony, Sultan Bazar, and Begum Bazar.

There were a number of arrests at the gambling den raids. One of the most important arrests was that of Satya Prakash Jindal, alias Nikku. Nikku is a key organizer of inter-state cricket betting. At least 12 other arrests took place during the simultaneous raids. Those who were arrested by the Task Force were handed over to Ramgopalpet, Shahinayatgunj, and Sultan Bazar.

In addition to the arrests, the Task Force seized Rs 26.48 lakh in cash, along with phones, cell phones, laptops, and television sets.

Nikku has been operating an inter-state betting racket that can be found in four different states including AP, Rajasthan, Telangana, and Haryana. Nikki is in contact with Ashu, a bookie who operates out of Rajasthan, by a land line phone that has been dedicated for only this purpose. Ashu then passes information to Nikku regarding the betting amounts.

Nikku has three underlings, his sub-bookies, who are given the betting information. These sub-bookies are the individuals in the operation who take the bets from the punters. The sub-bookies G Prashanth Kumar, M Dilip Kumar, and Govind Rathi, were amongst those who were arrested.

Nikku’s sub-bookies also communicate with their superior via telephone. All the information regarding the punters’ bets are kept in a laptop, where the information can be easily accessed. Although the number of people involved in the betting ring is kept to a minimum, there are others who collect bets or pay out winnings to their customers around the city.

Those collecting do so straight after a match has been completed. The winnings and payouts are made strictly in cash.